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Transit Custom Roof Racks

To load or not to load that is the question. Okay deciding on a van roof rack does not need to be this dramatic but getting it wrong could turn into a real horror story!

Rhino Aluminium Roof Rack Fitted To A Transit Custom
Rhino Aluminium Roof Rack Fitted To An Orange Transit Custom

Why the attempted drama to start this blog? Well, fitting a roof rack could be one of the biggest investments you make in your van. Get it wrong and you could have to live with the consequences for a long time.

The phrase roof bars and roof racks are often interchanged but in this instance I mean a van roof rack fit for tradesman use. This type of roof rack usually costs several hundred pounds so it pays to take a little time to consider the pro and cons. But where to start?

So as alluded to at the start of this item it’s all about the load. If you just need to be able to carry up-to a medium sized ladder or a pipe tube then 3 roof bars will probably do the job. If you need to carry sheet materials like plywood sheets or plaster board as well as ladders, fence posts etc. Then a roof rack is what you need.

I have bought, sold and fitted thousands of roof racks and bars and the one thing I’ve noticed is that those who order roof bars often come back later to have a roof rack fitted. I have never had some one who had a roof rack come back for bars! Roof Racks give you more load carrying flexibility.

This is particularly true for the Transit Custom. This is because regardless of wheel base, it is only possible to fit three individual roof bars. Most roof racks utilise these three roof fixing points however, to give you 7 or 8 roof cross bars as well as a rear roller and side rails. This means that sheeted material will not sag between the cross bars, which are closer together on a rack. That there are more tie down options to secure the load, plus the weight of the load is spread across the entire roof length.

The spreading of weight is particularly important for High Roof versions, which have a maximum 75kg (including the rack) load carrying capacity. It’s worth noting here as well that the roof bar fixing points have to be drilled out for this model. Probably, because Ford want to discourage you from accidentally over loading the roof?

Low roof models have 3 x 2 sets of threaded bolt holes built in.

To ensure you order the correct roof rack for your Ford Transit Custom you need to know three things-

  1. The roof height Standard / low (H1) or High (H2)?

2) The wheel base Short / Standard (L1 – SWB) or Long (L2 – LWB)?

3) The rear door type; Twin Barn Doors or Lift up tailgate? – Why does this matter? Well the rear roller of a roof rack is normally designed to hang over the rear doors slightly. This allows you to lean things up against the roller without hitting the rear roof. Leaving you free to walk to the other end of the item and slide it on to the rack. On tail gate door models however, the roller has to be set further forward otherwise the door would crash into it every time you opened it.

If you have had experiences, good or bad with roof racks for the Ford Transit Custom please do leave a comment below

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Ford Transit Custom VECTA Roof Rack Bars

In the style of a famous Beer TV advertisement. VECTA Bars claim to be “Probably, The Strongest Bars You Can Buy.” The reality is that they hold up to 75.5 Kg per bar and as yet we have not come across any roof bars in the UK stronger than that!

3 Bar VECTA Roof Rack Bars Fitted To A Low Roof Transit Custom

This VECTA Bar roof rack kits fit the Ford Transit Custom (August) 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020. They include 2 free pairs of load / Ladder Stops, a Free 3 Year Warranty and Express Delivery.

For Tradesman use strength is important but VECTA Bar racks offer much more than just that.

VECTA Bar Roof Racks for the Ford Transit Custom are available in either 2 or 3 bar discount packs. This is because there are three sets of two threaded inserts running down each side of the roof on the standard / low (H1) roof height with Short (L1 – SWB) or Long (L2 – LWB) Wheel Bases models.

The High (H2) Roof Models have a limited roof load carrying capacity of 75 kg and will require holes to be drilled through the roof. This is not hard to do but can seem a bit more drastic.

When placing an order then, you will need to select the Number of Roof Bars. Also, the Vans Roof Height and Wheel Base to ensure you receive the correct kit for the van and your needs

The Main Features Are-:

  • VECTA Bars are made from anodised aluminium so won’t rust.
  • Lightweight BUT extremely strong.
  • Supplied with 2 FREE pairs of easily adjustable load stops
  • Plus a locking spanner to torque them down allowing them to be used as a tie down point (Spanner also doubles as a handy bottle opener!)
  • There are a range of roof accessories available to fit innovative T-track – load stops, eye bolts and beacon brackets.
  • Designed and Made in Britain by Hubb Systems.
  • The roof fixing brackets are galvanised & black powder coated steel.
  • Fast fit single bolt securing roof bar top hat system
  • Massive Load carrying capacity – 75.5kg per bar distributed evenly to the maximum load carrying capacity (refer to vehicle handbook).
  • Crash tested to 20g.
  • Dimensions: Cross-members (mm) – L x W x D = 1500 x 58 x 30.
  • Fittings are designed to utilise the vehicle manufacturers’ roof bar mounting points so no drilling is required on the low roof model.
  • Approximate fitting time 10 minutes per bar.
  • Free Industry leading 3 year manufacturers warranty
The Load Stops Come With A Spanner To Allow Them To Be Used As Proper Stops!

VECTA Bars are made in Britain by Hubb Systems in Redditch. So when ordering a set, you are not only getting an aerodynamic tough commercial strength roof bar kit. But also supporting UK manufacturing!

So I have saved the best bit until last. The price. Expect to pay no more than £85.00 including delivery (UK mainland (Excl. Scottish Highlands) Express 1-2 working day Signed For) for a 2 bar pack and £123.00 for the 3 bar kit. Pretty nice eh?

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Ford Transit Custom

The Ford Transit Custom was launched in 2012 with the 2.2L Euro 5 engine. It was a replacement for the very popular smaller models of the Ford Transit. (Larger models being replaced by the All New (2014 Onwards) Transit. The Transit Custom should not therefore, be confused with the 2014 onwards Transit, Transit Courier or Transit Connect when ordering van accessories.