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If you need to carry copper, conduit or decorative pipes in your van, its hard to beat fitting a pipe tube carrier to your vans roof rack for convenience, safety and security.

Buyers Guide

When considering one for your van, you'll need to consider a few things in addtion to the price -: How long are the pipes you are carrying? Pipe carriers generally come designed to carry 3 metre pipe lengths as standard. Do you find you have lots of off cut pieces to store? If so, you'll want to have a pipe carrier that opens at either end to ensure you can reach these off cuts!  How many pipes are you normally carrying? Will the pipe carrier you order fit your existing roof rack?. Whatever tube you choose you will need a minimum of two roof cross bars and the pipe tube product listing will tell you what the maximum height and depth of roof bars the pipe tube will fit.


Of course given enough time and money anyone can break into anything but it is often easier to repair a pipe carrier than it is one of your vans doors or windows should you become the target of a metal thief.

Metal Marks

Because of crash testing & safety plastic soil pipes should not be used to carry metal pipes on the roof of your van and their use could invalidate your vans insurance. Today's pipe carriers are made from anodised aluminium which is not only strong enough to pass City Crash testing regulations but also is more theft proof and almost as light weight and non rusting as plastic. The only problem with aluminium is that it can mark plastic conduit or chrome pipes as they are slid in and out of the pipe rack. 

Scroll down this page now to see a selection of the latest and most popular pipe carrier designs. Plus more details on our current clearance and discount offers which include delivery to your door.

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Product no.: RP10

Pipe carrier including delivery. Available in 2 and 3 metre lengths. Click on product for more details.

RRP Excl.VAT & Del £150.00
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Product no.: rp12-pb02

Have unobstructed use of your Rhino modular rack with this side mounting Rhino 3 metre Pipe Tube. Click on product for full details.

RRP Excl.VAT & Del £180.00
£146.35 *
You save £33.65

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