VW Crafter / Mercedes Sprinter Rear Step


When it comes to safely loading and unloading roof-mounted equipment or gaining access to the rear of your Mercedes Sprinter van, a rear step is an essential accessory. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the various rear step options available and their respective advantages and considerations.

Non-Towing Rear Steps

If you’re looking for safe access and don’t have a tow bar installed, a non-towing rear step is the best choice. There are several types and styles to consider. Some offer additional safety features, protecting both you and your van from potential accidents. For instance, impact steps are designed to minimize damage caused by reversing accidents. Rhino Access Steps, available in twin or triple step widths, provide a vehicle-specific fit and can be equipped with optional universal fitting rear parking sensors.

Rear Parking Sensors

If your van is equipped with rear parking sensors, fitting a rear step may require some additional consideration. Discuss this with your sensor installer to ensure proper functionality. All compliant rear steps can be provided with or without universal fitting rear parking sensors, which help protect the step from accidental damage during maneuvering.

For vans already equipped with sensors, it may be possible to retrofit them into your new step. Consider opting for Connect Plus, a sensor type that seamlessly integrates with existing four sensors for Mercedes Sprinters with factory-fitted PDC.

Rhino Connect + Generic Fitting Instructions

Towing Capable Tow Bar Steps

For those with a tow bar already in place, basic metal universal fitting tow bar mounted steps are a cost-effective option. However, they may not cover the full width of the van and may not meet safety standards. The Rhino Tow Step and Tow Trust Pro-Step, both tow bar flange mounting steps, adhere to required safety standards for tread width, grip, and visibility.

If you need the ability to tow and require safe access, the Tow Trust Pro Step combines a quality tow bar with two high-grip plastic steps. It’s important to note that a flip-up center section can only be added when the tow ball is removed.

Impact Rear Steps

To safeguard your Sprinter against low-speed reversing and forklift truck loading damage, consider options like the Rhino ImpactStepā„¢. These steps are designed to reduce the lifetime costs of van ownership by minimizing the need for constant repairs. The Rhino ImpactStepā„¢, while not towing capable, features slow-speed impact-absorbing technology and can be supplied with universal fitting parking sensors or Connect + sensor wiring for those vans with factory fitted PDC.

Close Up Of Impact Step Preventing Collision Damage


We hope this guide has provided clarity on the various rear step options available for your Mercedes Sprinter van. For further assistance in selecting the right step at competitive prices, please email us at info@traderracks.co.uk. All products on our website are designed for easy installation and, with the exception of adapting factory-fitted parking aids, require no specialized knowledge prior to fitting. Our safety steps are TUV approved and ready for installation. Explore our selection of commercial-quality rear steps for your Mercedes Sprinter online https://www.traderracks.co.uk/product-category/mercedes/mercedes-sprinter/