If you want to make the most of your vans load carrying, you need to fit a van roof rack. But before you rush out and buy here’s some tips on how to save yourself some money!

Van roof racks offer the ultimate in load carrying flexibility for your van. The latest rack designs offer multiple close set load cross bars that can support everything from thin 8 x 4 sheets to spreading the weight of heavy triple set ladders across the entire roof. Our first tip is to choose a rack where these load cross bars can be moved as this means if you want to fit a roof vent or other roof accessory the space needed can be created.

Our second money saving tip is choose a van roof with the most aerodynamic profile you can. Not only can this save money on fuel when the rack is unladen but it also means your life is less likley to be blighted buy the curse of wind noise! Trust me, wind noise will force you to buy a different roof rack costing you more than any saving you made buying that basic rack. More importantly perhaps, is that these latest aerodynamic racks will comply with site safety standards and comfort features, such as no snag handrails, no sharp corners that cut skin or damage the load as well as full width rear rollers which make loading long items such as timber so much easier.

The third money saving tip is to ensure you order the correct roof rack model for your van. This may sound obvious but a large manufacture of van roof racks recently told me they scrap over £100,000 per year of wrongly ordered roof racks. That means there is a large number of customers annually who have to incur the time wasted, down time costs and high return shipping fees caused by not ordering the correct roof rack. To order the right rack you need to know your vans Make, Model, Year, Roof height, Wheel base and Rear door type. And watch out for late and early registered van models.

With these details you will not only be able to find the correct roof rack model for your van online but also be able to compare the same roof rack on various websites to get the best deal! To get you search started take a look at our van roof racks here -: https://www.traderracks.co.uk/shop/